Mississippi Moments

Friday, June 16, 2006

All finished today, or at least for now, at school. It's been a tough day. The writing workshop was excellent and provided an opportunity to write a story about the time Sister Ethna Marie O'Doherty, SNJM found the Farrah Fawcett in the famous swimsuit pose slurpy cup that I had purchased for big brother's birthday but accidentally left in the plain brown paper bag in the pew at St. James Cathedral where we had gone for the baccalaureate Mass. I remember having flaming cheeks as she said, "Miss Raney, don't you have better taste than---THIS!" I remember snatching the bag and walking the long marble mile out of the church as her eyes bored into my back. I was going to be damned if I let her keep the perfect present for my big brother...so it was a day of memories of all kinds...so the packing is happening as I'm trying to figure out if the Jonestown kids really want to see my echidna poster and the swordfish model. And is there room? The box of animal bones is already on its way with a truckload of warm blankets made with love(thanks, Val) and books (thank you, third graders). And what else am I hauling to the heart of the Delta blues? One Celtic lap harp, 3 bottles of Washington wine (requested by more Irish SNJMs), some smoked salmon, beanbags for juggling and junglejuice for the mosquitos that routinely carry off small children...oh, and a broken Heart that is going to mend and find joy(thank you Brenin, family and friends)...sleep well, y'all.


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