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Monday, June 19, 2006

Heron, Coyote, and ...Fried Green Tomatoes

Heaven does exist,and it isn't so far away that we can't touch it from time to time...the plane trip down was a delightful mix... a seat next to a Welsh terminologist who had been in Seattle for the gathering/conference of all interested in the preservation and continuation of Celtic languages-and a well-deserved nap! Arrived late to Memphis (I wasn't aware of this, but Miz Sister Teresa was) and Delta neglected to bring my bag with me, so off we went to the best of the day. It was doing a typical Mississippi thing, raining in sheets so hard the road was obscured and when it wasn't, cars were spun off the road and into the kudzu-filled ditches. South on 61 into the heart of the Delta, there was an amazingly huge, bright rainbow that seemed to touch in front and in back of us for miles. Add to that, a heron flying right over the car heading west...for all who care to know, Heron is the Celtic representation of transformation and healing. Miz Sr. Teresa then brought us to Ground Zero, Morgan Freeman's restaurant, in Clarkesdale across the street from the Delta Blues museum. We met up with another amazing sister, Miz Sister Maureen, from Tutweiler. Being a special guest, I was given the last Harp in the house with enough limes to last a month! And then,ambrosia---the best fried green tomatoes sandwich with that special GZ Gitback sauce! Definitely one of those 25 things one needs to eat before one dies...Sr. Maureen indulged in the catfish dinner plate with slaw and I don't know who was "hmmm-mmmming" more with pleasure...
On the way up 161 to Jonestown, the drive through cotton and soybean fields looked about the same as the last time.. just outside of town, a coyote sauntered across the road and stopped, turned and eyeballed us and we slowed on by. Sr. Teresa exclaimed that in 22 years, she had never seen a coyote in or around Jonestown! Coyote, in many traditions, can walk between worlds, between earth and heaven...me, I was not surprised. I'll take that as another of these signs, from the Noah-moment, Healing wheeling on overhead, and the Sheltie-esque Worlds-walker...that all is as it should be...


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