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Monday, July 09, 2007

Tryin' to wake up!
The naps just keep beckoning and I am, once again, entranced by the need to rest. Rest. Rest.
Been enjoying working around the yard and the garden-mostly hacking at the bamboo and rubus. The raspberries are delicious and plentiful.
Did some light but delicious cooking of good tortellini and pesto...mmmmm.
Cedar and I have already had two walks today. I worked out, went to the car wash and am getting ready to run errands.
Yay for dancing tonight with the sistahs.
Trying to touch base with dear ones by phone--not doing so great on that one.
Coffee, reeeaaalllyyyy enjoying the coffee!
Having fun planning for the coming school year as well with ideas I brought back from Jonestown and which are simmering....perk, perk, perk.
Would love some ideas of a good book on CD to take with me on the flight. Any takers?
I also need to borrow a small foldable stroller to get this wacky puppy used to it. He is definitely going through a phase and I now wear a leash accessory most of the time around here except when I am using power tools.
Made an appointment for the RV to get checked out. Then we'll get the inside taken care of and then we will be OFF on some adventures! Yay for adventures! I am thinking British Columbia or area around Ellensburg, and Silver Lake in Whatcom County.
This summer is going to go on by real fast. Gonna make good use of it.
I loved the picture of PJ that Kathleen sent out..what an adorable cutey with a smile that melts buttah!


  • At 9:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Mercurial napping it is I say. UF


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