Mississippi Moments

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The migraine has been pushed to the edge.
Went on a lovely early, early morning walk which ended up being over an hour long by the time we decided to come home. The rain made everything smell sweet and the gardens were singing. We ran into a raccoon who was rather late in getting home from his/her nocturnal doings. Just sat in the gateway of a home across the street while Little Man was sizing him up. We also spotted a bevy of crows hot on the tail of an eagle right over 61st Street. There was a parent crow teaching a little one to fly from the birch tree on the corner. That was my favorite part of the walk and spying "shoefly" plant in a garden across from West Woodlands Elementary. Lots of folks have these light, swirly, colorful hoses now that are easy to wind up. I'm going to find me one instead of hauling that old, green, dirty thing around. Porter doesn't get the concept of walk yet...it is more drag and distract, stop, wait, more of the same until he is tired out and then it is more of a walk. Still, we are doing it. It will get better. Feels good to be out there again. With a buddy.

Soft rain makes for a soft world.

I go to a class this morning on hair and skin needs for African-American children. More learning.


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