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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Saw these recently:

Keep your theology off my biology.

Something wonderful is about to happen...

And the best one from the roadtrip:

Reading is sexy.

Working on the routine and remembering how time/energy demanding new pack members can be. Many angels at work in my life and around the Cottage. Yesterday was pigeon eviction day. Kind of sad. There were TWO nests up there with sitting mothers...and yes, eggs. But I did some reading and pairs of pigeons (aka rock doves) do not leave and they have 5-6 broods a year and the father pigeon feeds the young over another 5-6 weeks. We cleared out both mothers, both nests, and the eggs. And all the poop, garbage, and nesting materials they had deposited up there. It was a stinkhole. Then we balled up some poultry wire and shoved it in the spaces. Hope this will work to keep the Animal Motel 6 thing from repeating itself.

Started on lightening the classroom-in-a-garage pile o'don't need it.
Arranged for plumbing help at the end of the month if I can't fix the bath situation myself. Arranged for yardwork help for the end of the month. Leverage. That's what my friend, Jean, calls it. And she knows what she is talking about.


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