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Monday, June 19, 2006

June 18, 2006
Go Down, Moses...it's definitely Mississippi time...Today at church at Immaculate Conception in Clarkesdale, I heard the church choir sing "Go Down, Moses" ...and felt the connection and history that seeps into the soil and the hearts of the folks who live here. After Mass, another MS moment, when I couldn't understand half of the folks I was introduced to and the ones I could, turns out, were from Indiana doing Habitat work in Tutweiler! OH! OH! OH! And here's more news...there's a SUPER WAL+MART in Clarkesdale now...no need to go all the way over to Helena, Arkansas for the experience! Had a blast walking up and down the aisles watching Miz Sr. Teresa say "Hey" to just about everybody and then give me the story of their lives and connections to Jonestown. We spent the day working at the Learning Center, preparing lessons and materials for the week. My bag of teaching materials isn't here, so I spent my time recreating and modifying ideas for Hands-On Science, Literacy Arts, and Creative writing. I will be working with the first graders in the morning for basic skills, with all the children for Hands-On Science, and in the afternoon with the Girls to Women program. We swim twice a week and I'll be teaching soccer and helping with the other sports as needed. A lovely day!


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