Mississippi Moments

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Oooooo, I found a good'un this morning:
"When we search for our spiritual path, we need to reassess, consolidate, and recommit our spiritual focus--and check contractual details. It's all right to change course as we seek the best way to Spirit; it is equally all right to stay where we are --as long as we realize that compromising our truth is dangerous."---Caitlin Matthews

It was GOOD to sweat it out with the Sistahs last night. (I may have eaten more fried foods and truly southern "delites" this trip than should be legal, but the legs, heart, spirit, focus are strong and I am in the process of detoxing...sort of.) The water part is good but I am still craving salt and batter.:P I'll start with my thinking and work from there.
It was GOOD to rest more and watch "DreamGirls".
It was good to have several walks with Squishy.
It was good to go to work and file writing assessments from this spring that I took down to MS with me and finally finished all the scoring guide comments that went with each one. I feel much more confident about how to do that sort of assessing and writing.
It was good to do errands.
It was good to look around this little home and realize that the clutter will only go away if I do something about it that is DIFFERENT than what I have done in the past.
It was good to have Captn Picard in my head saying, "Make it so, Number One."...and then to realize that it wasn't Picard talking, it was Cap'n Ern.
(I need a pirate hat.)


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