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Monday, December 24, 2007

Peace to You, Good Neighbor!
And a Merry Christmas Eve to you! Cedar and I just returned from an amazing early morning walk that began with the raccoons just coming off the nightshift and the full moon (yes, today, She is Full) reflecting in the windows of Reading Gaol pub in between the twinkle lights and missing pet ads. Our dragon breath mingled with the cries of the dawn patrol and as we rounded on the Ridge to window shop, the Olympics began to peek out from under their cloud quilt. I wonder if they will stay undercover all day or come out to play under the stars. I understand the Christmas Star this year will actually be Mars. Will look for it tonight after midnight mass. So, with coffee in hand and happy dog, off we went on a walk-about, hither, thither, and yon. The Christmas lights, trees in windows, candlelight, other dogs and their walkers (all women I might add some with coffee, some not. We discovered a pocket park (these are big in Ballard right now). It had been "hit" by the Bulb Liberation Front as a gift to the community. Here is the manifesto that just made my morning:

We are the Bulb Liberation Front.
We believe in the freedom to bloom...
We have committed ourselves to random acts of brightness
and affirm the sacred life force latent in the belly
We reject gray.
And the ubiquitous mono-culture.
We are defenders of delight. We are soldiers of stillness.
We are warriors of whimsy and wonder.
We are soldiers of silliness.
We are reclaiming our constitutional rights to bear trowels.
We are reframing the pursuit of happiness, and we are redefining the mission.
We believe in pink polka dots and in each other.
We believe regime change begins underground.
We are compelled to plant in the midst of darkness in order to call forth the light.
We are the Bulb Liberation Front.
Please join us.
We need your eyes on the perimeter, your hands in the dirt, and your bulbs wherever there is room to bloom.

Carpe Parkum.

We had a wonderful, magical time in Winthrop. The last Yuletide concert of the series was well received. The "Montessori Moshpit" was a hit (all the kids in the audience dancing and celebrating at the base of the stage the entire second half).The drive over wasn't too long. The way back was on account of the conditions. The cabin that was loaned to us by a colleague of Julie's was set way back in the winter woods about 20 miles outside of town on Lost River. A special, family time. Highlights included the "Surridge women" having food and fun out and ready in under 5 minutes upon arriving. The board games and fun. The blazing fire a la Brenin. The Solstice ale, the familiarity and ease of it all. Waking to soft snow. Playing outside and helping Ro with her first sledding . The ride home was pleasant but way too long. Squishy was fine and had fun at Auntie Lydia's. We have been enjoying each other's company ever since.
Time for Christmas-y things...



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