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Sunday, December 02, 2007

The storms are here. The news crews are having their hay-day. Or is it hey-day?
Around here, it has been lay-day. Rolled in around 3:30 am after our Portland Yuletide.
It was a pleasant time on the way down. Serious snow and wind and slush but the Meister did a great job driving in his big Expedition and by accident, I discovered how to use the seat warmer. Don't want to become accustomed to such luxuries. It is better for me to stay in simple land.

Even the wayward heron (we saw two yesterday and no they weren't going the wrong way even though they were flying north along the river banks) brings reminders to me of that transformation and the truth and reality of it. I counted yesterday as a "3 Heron Day" because I wore one when I was dancing.
I love doing the Portland Yuletide because of the historic old church with the fantastic old library. Each year, I know there will be one or more special books that garner my attention before, during, and after the concert. Last night was one on Labyrinths. I read most of it AND I learned how to make a 7 circuit labyrinth. I've wanted to know how to do that for years. I also learned that it is not hard to make the 11th circuit Chartres one but I wasn't ready to learn that...yet. I have some practicing to do at Shilshole on the beach. Pretty cool. I also found a book that I've wanted to read since last summer's Jonestown. It's called "When We Were COlored". It was actually a book written in the late sixties about being a black mother and raising children in that tradition, time, and cultural framework. It has been reprinted. Okay then. Got 5 chapters into it and will look forward to getting it from the library this winter. I guess I ignored enough of this cold so that it hit today. I have been curled up in front of the fire or in a hot bath or sleeping to find comfort from the aches and headache. So be it. I'll be back to my usual self.
I have an appointment for a cell biopsy on the chest lump. Sigh. I really hate needles. I-pods will rock even greater in my book. I am not looking forward to this.

Other sweet memories from this weekend:
Holding my mother's hand during some of the singing at the concert
Victor rocking the house with his opera-tic JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYY!!!
That is the soundtrack of my LIFE!:)
The snow coming down on the way down.
The Christmas music as we drove into Portland.
The mist in the hills of the the sides near Kalama and Kelso. I am so drawn to the area around Newaukum. There is something there for me, my heart, and my spirit. Will find it.:)
Bringing a basket of fresh satsuma-clementines with rosemary from the garden.
Dropping Squishy off at Auntie Lydia's and knowing he would be happy and fine and getting fresh blueberry scones to share in return!
Nailing the hardshoe reel at the end!
Laughing myself into tears when Julie tried to zip Sara into Maude's costume..and seeing what growing child has to say about how the cardboard in front sits.
Discussing the "Hobbit" and caring for chickens with Rowan's sweet dancer-friend, Madeline.
Arriving home safely.


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    Don't tell me she's filling out the boobs too??? xoxo, maude


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