Mississippi Moments

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Outa da noise, outa da funk...
Actually, I lost my voice. And in my Dreams, I have lost my Voice.
Interesting this....
Sooo, my world is much quieter. Children whisper back. I learn how to use my expressions and body to communicate. Even Squishy is getting it.
I'm back to having too many things to write in one 5 line spot in my Gratitude Journal.
In my Dreams, I am trapped again. Sleep walking every night. Found my cell phone in bed with me at 3 am. Didn't have a clue who I wanted to call. Actually I did. But I don't need a phone for that. I made the call when I was in that soft, 'tween time.
Up by 4 and into bed by 7. Okay, then.
Can't quite get into the "holiday thang"...spend my time making up my own songs and praising God for all the Love in my Life. Asking for ways to get more of it out of me and into the World that needs it so badly.


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