Mississippi Moments

Monday, November 12, 2007

The radiologist doesn't know what it is either.
The results are going back to the surgeon.
It's not a lyploma(sp?)-it has blood running through it.
Will wait to see what the options are.
Had an absolutely perfect walk with Squishy at Shilshole with a latte and the grey clouds whisping over the water and the light moving from the south.
The light wind lifted a few kites into the air above the grasses on the sands, but whipped the waves unto successive batterings along the high tide line. Made a labyrinth full of paw prints as Squishy tried to bite my stick and route his nose into the sand.
Listened to the gulls call and the crows caw.
I just love the image of a bird against the backdrop of a grey sky, highlighted by afternoon light, on a deep autumn afternoon in November. The wings are precociously presented with dramatic lines of color so as to make the bird seem touchable that far away. And it's all in motion. Better than any flat screen thing microsoft could make for an indoors wall. This is reality tv as far as I am concerned. With the wind in my face and a grin on my dog's face and a latte.......
And now to tackle some home tasks.


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