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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Heavens, it was quite a day yesterday.
And it's such a lovely morning today. And so were the 9+ hours of sleep.
Apparently, on our lovely Pleasant Valley asphalt meadow yesterday, we had an appearance of Wedgy-itis. And so all because of the lone tattler, we did the requisite problem-solving--with admin this time because in my book, this technically falls under inappropriate touching-and then it was time to contact parents. And I lost it on every call. I mean, they don't teach you this stuff at teacher school. And of course, every kid minus one went back into Denial. And it is so interesting when THE TEACHER calls because they won't come to the phone. And I hear what goes on with their folks(you can tell who's wagging the dog). And with me it's a simple, "we can talk now or we can talk at your recess on Monday morning, 3 seconds or I get to make the choice for you." Amazing how fast that brings some people to the phone. And how fast we come out of denial when I am reading the emails from the duty teacher and the vice-principal. Needless to say, thought we had it all squared away, when what to my wondering mind doth appear-the LAST STRAW! It turns out that the male contingency thought it was so funny to be wedgie-ized, that they were wedgy-ing THEMSELVES (no, not each other, themthelfs-to quote one with no front teeth).
Now, I ask you...how am I supposed to grade reading tests and give a rat's "nest" about completing comments on report cards when I have THIS dancing on my brain?!?!?!!
Oh try this one: So-and-so continues to adjust with consistency and confidence to the expectations and rhythms of first grade. We will work together to redirect the tendency to engage in wedgy-itis....and to boost accuracy in math facts. (sigh)
Time to bring out the big guns-pickle, 7-up on the wall, hopscotch, shadow tag, four square....wish I had my posse with me to show them how it's done-Mark, Bruce, Julie, Scott, Mary, Sara, COlleen, Brigie, cousins--where are you when the next generation needs you?!?
On another note: I'll write about Squish next time. I'm having too much fun right now. We took the stroller out on another dry run this morning. It's getting better. Him not me. I can't imagine this. But I better. I brought home a sweet little kid-sized rocking chair yesterday. Needs a new paint job.


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