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Monday, October 22, 2007

Tea in hand. FIre a-goin'. Dog a-settlin'. In my jammies just home from work.
Still have work to do. Later.
This has been a most amazing day-starting with the youtube cockatiel over there in nyccolleen.blogspot.com land.
Oh my goodness. Wonder if he does disco?
Had inside bonfire on Friday and reconnection with an old friend. Seems many of my Dear Ones are looking closely at the warping and wefting of their lives and finding the pattern and rhythms not to their liking...and contemplating a change and a chat with the Co-Weaver.
Went to RV 101 school on Saturday. Got very lost and was late and it was one of the best parts of the day. It gave me more time with my Jean, to listen and talk, learn and lean. I come away from times like that feeling very foolish that I ever felt alone. We learned a lot about the systems and safety features on RVs. We took a couple of classes and met some great people who are willing to help with the lessons that are to come. I even called the RV place today where Peregrin is and had them install a LP detector. LP=liquid propane. I learned that this item is a MUST HAVE to be safe in your RV. There is more to come. I intend to camp this winter and to be warm doing it. Might even try cooking inside. Gives me the heebies thinking about that one. Need some confidence in this dept. I have this terrible fear of having a leak and dying inside the RV from poisoning. And my little dog, too.
Did some movie watching this weekend (Freedom Writers and Stomp the Yard). Neither are cute movies. But moving.
Danced some. The Sistahs are baaaccckkk. MAde an Italian bean soup, enough for a family of four for two weeks. Glad to have a freezer.
Had a cozy, impromptu gathering on Sunday night with Mary J., Little Feather, and WIll. Loverly.
Did not sleep any last night. Tonight will be better.
And LIttle Feather sent in mini-kiwis for the first graders for snack. They loved 'em.
It's a fine line between "coddle" and "buck-up/take care of yourself" in 6 year old land. Plus the drama. Minus the memory to wash your hands after you wipe your nose and please, don't touch my pencil or wipte that on the carpet under the bookshelves with the lapboards.... I can't go into more detail right now (I'm too tired) but this is the dance at the moment.
My heart was so full this morning--their prayers were straight from their Hearts for the wounded and lost, sad and lonely beings on the earth. One even prayed for Jesus just in case He had a cold because she knew what that felt like.
And, my little Biblical scholars wanted to know where in the Bible it mentioned exactly how short was Zacchaeus, because, Ms. R., short can be a lot of different things.!?!?!?!
So I gave that to them as a journal starter tomorrow when I am at the faculty meeting...just how short is short in Jericho, 31 CE?


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