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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Check these out.

I have a cold. So does half of the strong-willed little people in the Learning Home.
Survived yesterday. Long day. Finished around 9 pm last night. I just can't seem to get enough sleep.
We start again today. Cotton in my head and mouth. Need to stuff it up my nose and soak it in honey for my throat.
And...look at those sunflowers...what else is growing around this Home garden? What else can we grow? Hmm.....
Cedar also sent an email to school yesterday from dogcare. He and Dave were covered in dirt. They had been digging. He tells me he hates daycare. We shall see. He looked pretty happy, even with the dirt crumbling off his tongue onto the step.
And Do, Doo, and Due...
Had an unbelievable set of long walks and sharings over the weekend. It was another Dream come true to walk to the fish ladder from Fair Isle and back. with dog. and friend. we did. Do you ever set stuff up in your head and then wish to make it come true so you know you can do it but you never do? That's what had been happening and now it's "Do" time. And yesterday morning was "Doo" time...I have been so careful about cleaning up the backyard EVERYTIME..and I thought I had been but alas, NON! And like some forms of depression, red hair, green eyes, and bad cramps at moontime, I have also inherited the Surridge "radar feet syndrome" which unfortunately happened during the 4:30 am Sheltie ball game..which happens before the 6 am workout at Curves. The good thing is that I have soccer shoes which work for workout and walks until I can clean others. And those nice people at the bank gave me $6000 even though I told them I dropped out of school for the time being. Must get that back to them before the end of the month Due day. That was nice of them, though, and I'm glad that I did learn to jump through all of those financial aid hoops. About a million ot them.
It's much nicer to grow sunflowers and dream about growing other things...
check with Sara and Brenin and Rowan...they are.....:) saw the ultrasound pictures yesterday....oh the wee spine and hand.....


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