Mississippi Moments

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The sunset was so beautiful over the sound tonight against the Olympics, that I had to pull off the road on the way to pick up Squishy from dogcare and just breathe it in. It doesn't get better than that-when your heart is so full with the beauty of the moment and the gratitude for being where you are at that moment that you can't concentrate on your driving.
Tonight's dance classes were like that-all 3 hours worth. I can't tell you why, but it was a pleasure. I just loved being focused, balanced, supportive, and team teaching. That just works for me. And Squishy was having a ball hunting rats with Dave and Queen Alice. HE doesn't really know how to hunt, but he can follow along and make the right noises. Thank Heavens, he hasn't learned to disassemble aluminum gutterpipes yet to get at rats. Well, I don't relly have any that he could get at anyway--gutterpipes and rats.
I'm not caught up on first grade paperwork yet. I forgot about that. Will get better as I get into this.
I made horrible soup this weekend. I'll get better at that and I'll follow a recipe until I learn how to do it from memory after practice, lots of practice.
I learned that the old-fashioned hand-drill doesn't work on hazel as well as salmonberry and huckleberry. We willswitch to power tools tomorrow for the making of the walking sticks.
So here's to the little snack and the bed that awaits. It's been a good, long day.
Love to all, Erin


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