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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Okay, folks, so I'm peein' my pants 1st grade land is so funny. And i make notes on sticky notes so I can retell the stories when I get home but I'm too braindead and content to remember the details. Oh, here's one. SO I told one little kid he sounded like an orc when he was whispering back to himself during our phonogram lesson. He looked at me with this expression," So, Lady Who Doesn't Know Any SH*T About LOTR" (imagine raised eyebrows, lips twisting, preparing retort but sorting through multiple ideas first while he pretends to be turning his pencil to actually write with the graphite tip end) and he then said"What kind?" I stopped. He gave me full attention-first time yet except when I was baiting him with the grossology of the grave robbing that occurred in Edinburgh in years past-. I said, "You certainly don't sound like a fighting Uruk-hai but you may be close to the ones that were created out of tormenting the kidnapped elves of Lorien by Sauron himself and later by Sauruman." "And speaking of elves, I would love to be an elf like Legolas." Said child--who had been looking at me with a bit of a light behind his eyes indicating that he was thinking I might be worthy of something like a modicum of puny respect--He said, "That guy's just a big Barbie running around in tights and he can't even really shoot his arrows like that." Sheesh!"
This same child ate his way through his math manipulatives. We were learning 8 and 9 today and how to group them. His mom had sent in 100 sunflower seeds. I asked him why he was eating during math and to please think about not eating his counters. He looked at me and then said, "We're only doing 8 and 9. There's enough here for the whole year."

You may think he is being disrespectful. He's not. He is just telling me how it is. And I have to tell you, in all honesty, I think it's the darndest thing and I love this. It is challenging and frustrating. And funny. Like the 6 year old girls who walk hand in hand and I over hear them asking each other who they have crushes on. And three seconds late it's all out war because one of them wants to play "helicopter" and one doesn't. They're all still trying to get a handle on me and the cool thing is, they can't.

And another thing. I have to bring Cheerios in. And our new mantra is 'aim, flush, wash, oh my" It's starting to stink in there.


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