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Friday, August 31, 2007

"The Journey" by Naome
The journey,
the pathway,
The road is filled with blocks and rubble...
The accumulated mind of many lifetimes.
We must clear the path
To walk again
Through clear,
uncluttered dimensions.
Leave the pretensions and the masks
to fade away.
Shine the light in the darkness
So you can see the way.
Remove the weights
of your burdened heart
And know the part you play.
Walk, walk life's highest way.

I like this poem. Kinda says it all for me right now.
Except I am having fun clearing the rubble and learning to fix broken faucets. The classroom is completely different energetically because so much stuff and layers of energetic compost have been removed. The space, the feel is open. Ready. Waiting. Expectant...ooh, I like that word. That says a lot about my frame of mind, heart, and reference of the moment. Wish I had more time to do more of the rubble-wresting here at Fair Isle, but that's for later. Time to go to the classroom. Today is "Holding Day"--I will hold the children, our learning goals, potential paths and practices, tools and manuals, my energies and our families all in My Hands and Lift Them to Our Loving Source and Say"It's Yours. But then You Knew That." Love us, please. Show us, please. Dance with us, O Shaker and Maker of the Universe"...and I grin inside and seem to hear Your Voice Belly Laugh into my Ear-Heart and say," I never stopped, you Beautiful Creation...now, turn this way. I want to spin you over to this side to show you THESE wonders!"
And that is what will happen...and then I'm taking Squishy to Point No Point. For some camping.


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