Mississippi Moments

Thursday, August 30, 2007

(Use your "best"Cork fake accent here)
It's Torzzday. Khan ya buleev et?
(Back to regular voice in head)
Still working. Having trouble thinking.
Listening alot to Matt's song, "Awaiting" ..... and sitting some in thebackyard with Squishy in the dark, Blue Heron ale with lime in a small cup in hand, watching the moon rise and trying to find my Breath.
I find it alright. And when I do, it's time for more sleeping and then we wake up and it's time for work again.
'tis going. Can't saymuch more than that. Still living with the absolute Joy and Connectedness from last Friday's Family Mass and the weekend's gatherings. There are NO words.
Maybe one or three--Heaven. Here. Now.


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