Mississippi Moments

Monday, August 27, 2007

Sunday morning, early, Squishy and I are up. Coffee in hand, looking at the comics on-line like I always do before commencing with the morning's unfoldings. I hear paw-claw thrashings and gratings INSIDE the stove pipe to the woodstove. First thought-oh, no that stupid squirrel after the hazel nuts got himself or herself in a pinch. Second thought: WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?! Third thought: Maybe if I ignore it, it won't really be real and I can just come up with another little vignette about how silly Squishy is. 4th thought: Nope, it's not going away and everytime Cedar barks, the thrashing and clawing gets lower and lower. 5th thought:Call LIttle Feather and WIll. They deal with the wilderness coming in all the time, either by the cats or by chance. L.F.-"Get box or bag. Catch it. Take it outside." Will-"Yup." EMR-"Uh, okay."
So, I put Squishy in his crate and let thrashing drop to the woodstove. Opened the lid---it was a baby bird!! Opened the doors and coaxed the bird outdoors. Took a few tries because as bird is trying to get outdoors, tblack cat with the golden eyes that has adopted us here at Fair Isle is coming up the stairs and INTO the house! Such fun early on a SUnday! There must be a song in there somewhere.:) T All's well that ended well.
The gathering in honor of Mom and Dad was unbelievable and beautiful. All hands and hearts and help humor in sync and cooperation. Mom and Dad were beheld and honored and affirmed. So good to see all friends and family from my/our present past. One thing that impacted me was seeing my Auntie Arlene, the youngest and last surviving sister of my grandma Surridge. As I took her hand, she made eye contact and said softly over and over, "Erin, Erin, Erin, Erin." Talk about and Iona Power Moment---touching one of my elders and looking into her eyes was like standing on a bridge between worlds in ordinary reality. Those of you with shamanic experience will understand the sensation. Even though, in a respectful way, I must say, she does resemble Voldemort in the last Harry Potter movie. I want that kind of power and presence. But in a good, longevity kind of way. With my own hair.

Working in the classroom going well but slowly. As I knew it would. Fine. Just bumping along.;.


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