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Saturday, August 18, 2007

The fire's goin'. (I'm burning old "important" papers from one of my crates in the basement. Still haven't quite met my weekly FisherLady goal of emptying out two crates or boxes per week-but it's still technically the same week so by the end of today, it's highly likely.) FisherLady= some writer/blogger Mary J. found who has daily tips on how to create a rhythmic, ordered and simply abundant life, home, and head. She gives tips and then Mary shares them with me. They make a lot of sense when you try them out.Have a cup of good organic fair-trade coffee. Threw in a batch of laundry. Squishy is alarming at the new-to-us armchair that Val found for us at a yard sale. It may just have to go to school with me, I really like the colors and how it supports the back of my head when I am sitting in it. I went to the classroom yesterday to work and work did begin! I love and resist how time flies there when I get my head down and the juices flowing. There is much to be done. Made an important discovery yesterday---I will need to remove 12 desks from the classroom! 12! Do you know how much learning floor space that opens up for us?!? I had to call Jean and share this. There are 20 students in our first grade this year-20!! There are two first grade classes there. This is ideal in so many ways.
So another thing I'm pondering on is how Life isn't all about Me. Wish I could turn this word inside out. So, yeah, it' s me in my Head and Heart cogitating, bellowing, masticating, regurgitating, yearning, guffawing, and snuffling--but what it boils down to is how to make and grow relationships. Maybe I am finally growing up enough to "get" what Jesus meant when he said Love God and Love your neighbor as yourself. I thought of this while doing dishes this morning and watching the families of nuthatches and chickadees enjoying the morning. And I thought of the family celebrations coming up for my mom and dad and all of us. And I thought of how enjoyable it was to spend time with the McLeans last night and how the dogs got along much better. Squishy gets along pretty much with everybody. THeir sweet Molly is a shy, energetic dog who hasn't had much exposure to Squishy boys on her own turf. She relaxed and was able to sort of play with him. Well, she outruns him like a mac truck outruns a 3 year old on a trike but he still thinks he's playing, and I enjoy watching his tongue hang lower and lower out off the side of his mouth and his happy expression when he stops and looks up at me on the deck. And how he falls asleep in the car after. It's a good thing. And so it seems this morning has been and is a good think. With God's Help and Breath, I am growing a family here. It is real. As real as the birds in the forsythia outside and as real as the stinking dog toys that need to be thrown in the wash..albeit after the towels and bedding are finished. So I'll finish with some words from Joyce Rupp------
"So much in me (us) has yet
to accept
the waters of discomfort
and discontent
that come without a beckoning,
urging me (us) insistently to open up
and grow.
So much in me (us) has yet
to be nurtured, broken open,
and set free.---from "Teardrops of Growth"


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