Mississippi Moments

Thursday, August 09, 2007

My head is about to explode. Thanks, Maude, for the use of your thumbdrive/flashdrive/memorystick. Who makes up these words anyway??? "Wiki, metadata, scroll, blog, aaauuuggghhhhh-I am heading for the football and Lucy is holding it.
No downloaded pictures came from HNA-don't know why. Probably gave her the wrong email address inadvertently. tried to scan here at home but don't know yet how to use my own technology...Too much to ask anyway. for now. my learning curve is steep but will only hold so much at a time. doin' great or thought I was and was excited about how this technology will impact the products and learning for my next grad school adventure...but then I get overwhelmed...until I've had sleep. whatever. Created a new powerpoint and hope to have time to import all the photos tomorrow. sigh. exploding head. there are so many things I don't get. won't get. gagain-whatever. i hope the party is what mom and dad want. i am no help whatsoever except for giving names of pubs. whatever.


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