Mississippi Moments

Monday, July 30, 2007

Fireflies, limpet shells, and rowan trees...
These are all real. These show where I have been and where I am. Now it's time to add some other things to the list.
Can't get poetic because I don't have the brain cells yet. Maybe it's time for reality check--like babies go through upwards of 15 diapers A DAY!!! And all this junk around the house and garden is just that-JUNK...must get rid of junk.
I'm also making the conscientious choice not to drive or to drive very little--not quiteback in my body yet and not quite back to the right side of the road. I hit the ticketbooth at the Edmonds ferry with the RV. The ticket guy was understanding. He said that I should remember that we are on the right side here. He said it happens from time to time when people have been on vacation in the UK.
The Rowanfae show in Port Gamble was creative and well-received.
It was fun to meet and be around everyone. Loved spending time with Julie and Mike and wee Connor in his kilt. Abbie is growing so tall and Emme-she is just as much on fire with life her way as always!:)
Camping sucked. We came home. And camped in the backyard. We still are.
Long walks are the order of our days and evenings.
Mom and dad came and took me to brunch yesterday.That was nice.
COli taught me how to IM. We actually had a conversation on the computer as if we were talking on the phone.
I did a bunch of financial aid paperwork for this next phase of grad school. I hope it will go through seamlessly.
I greatly enjoyed spending some time with Jean and Laura and Mike last night. This is a good life.
ANd I checked this silly blog for what was going on last summer at this time---the same exact malaise and readjustment with an awful lot more grief. Now the grief is different. The power is different. The hope is different. The life is different. And Harry Potter ...well, you'll just have to read for yourself. Go out and enjoy this full moon day!


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