Mississippi Moments

Monday, July 16, 2007

Thistle do nicely....ah, the "Auld Reekie" ---another name for \edinburgh. \\\\\\arrived safely and not too tired. \today \i am. \the highlight has been coming face to face with the Lewis chess set from \"Marching \mystery". *I've been all over thisincredibly historic place. \yesterday \i went to \mass at an old church called \st. \patrick's, then headed off to tour the \royal \mile. \\\ended up on a tour of a medieval torture chamber and some 16th century underground vaults with questionnable occurances. \last night was excellent vegetarian cuisin and \i have already indulged in the best egg salad anywhere aside from my mother's. \i have toured \edinburgh castle, \\holyrood \\palace and ruined abbey, a private 17th centry close garden, the \royal museum of scotland, the museum of edinburgh and a walking tour of the royal mile with emphasis on the political and social historical influences and such. \i visited \greyfriar's \abbey and churchyard where the famous little dog, \bobby, went to his former master's grave for 14 years--it's all true and \i visited the kirk of \st. giles--medieval, once Catholic now belongs to the \Church of Scotland. \i danced in a pub last night to some traditional musicians at their invitation. \the place roared. \\it was fun. \i have met some new friends for the moment. \a great group. tomorrow we leave this busy place and head to st. andreww's and the country. \i will be checking email daily if you need me. \scotland rocks but it's hard learning how to use their computer keybaords. off for a nap!!


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