Mississippi Moments

Sunday, July 22, 2007

And I thought that Iona would be the only Heaven that I would truly encounter..and I haven't even been there yet. That's tomorrow. Can you believe it? I can now. The other bits of pure heaven was going to hear Karen Matheson and her band at the INverness Festival. To be there. in Scotland. Listening to one of the most amazing Scots Gaelic singers of her time and knowing that voice from having listened for hours back home. It was two hours plus of mesmerizing bliss. And the wee girls next to me with their families are mouthing the words in Gaelic as she is singing. They are studying the traditional arts and were already competing and singing in public. Then it was a long walk along the river Ness. The other bliss was the Isle of Skye and looking out onto the Isle of Lewis from the windswept hill grave of Flora Macdonald. GAve me chills. The graveyards and battlefields here are very active if you know what I mean. castles and such...some very famous sites---Urquhart castle, Eilean Donan Castle, Dunvegan on the coast...the Caledonian locks and several lochs, too-Loch Shiel begin one of the most beautiful. We were at Glencoe today-the site of the royally sanctioned and Campbell driven massacre of the MacDonald clans-really murder under trust. I now understand more of what my friend Scott McLean means. We enjoyed time in a fishing village called Portree and also went to Glenfinnan where Bonnie Prince Charlie (I have other names for that retrobate) lifted his standard. I am going in search of fish and chips tonight to eat by the beach. Dad, one cagain, just emailed me that we have family in Edinburgh. Luckily I have time on Tues. to check up on the BAnks side of things. Interesting to note, I have been watching the women in the lowlands and an awful lot of them reminded me of Mammo. I'm not surprised. Off to Iona tomorrow and more Dreams come true...love from the lochs and glens, to all!


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