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Friday, July 27, 2007

Gae bring my guid auld harp aince mair;
Gae bring it free and fast,
For I maun te sing anither sang
Ere a' my glee be past:
And trow ye as I sing, my friends,
The burthen a't shall be-
Auld Scotland 's howes and Scotland's knowes,
And Scotland's hills for me.---Charles Maclean

Some more sleep. Some yardwork. Some walks with ma wee dog. Some talks with folks and friends.
Driving-still a challenge. Eating-still a challenge. Reading-still a challenge. Ma brains aire not werkin' lak thay shewd...yet.
Here's a photo of Cedar at Camp Alice. One of some of the tour group. We were on the second ferry home from Iona-that is Mull behind us, the lands of the Macleans. The dolphins were escorting the ferry from Iona to Mull and dancing, leaping, playing right under us in the green jeweled waters there. More later.


  • At 9:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Welcome home! Can't wait to see you and hear of your travels. xoxo, maude


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