Mississippi Moments

Monday, August 06, 2007

"Hold onto what is good
Even if it is a handful of earth
Hold onto what you believe
Even if it is a tree that stands by itself
Hold onto what you must do
Even if it is a long what way from here
Hold onto life
Even if it is easier to let go
Hold onto my hand
Even if I have gone away from you."----Pueblo Blessing

First day of technology class at HNA with colleagues and friends to be met.
Felt good to be back up there as a student.
It's fun harrassing Loolie in the bidness office.

Had a great fun time playing and camping at the Lake.
All is and becomes well in that place with those right smells, sounds, family, rhythms. Big rubber yellow boat-big hit with the kid crowd. Forgot about the power of Binaca where goofy puppy is concerned but I am prepared for next time. Lovely dog training goddess has already reinformed me about what needs to happen to make Squishy into the good dog citizen that he is on his way to becoming. The dog socialization piece is strongly in place. Now it's time for the people one when he is around me . Auntie Lydia doesn't see what I was seeing this weekend. Good fun to have Jenny out and her darlings with the nieces and nephews and cousins and sibs and parents. Life is good and so is summer! Too bad about the Beacon Plumbing hydro....had such hopes. Mauvaise chance....Book group was engaging, challenging, absolutely lovely and so right...I alwasy think of more that I wanted to put out for the group or respond to what someone said on the way home and the days after. I tis a bit frustrating....I love how all our minds and psyches and hearts are working and responding to the words and to one another.....naps are still on my radar. garden work-too. dance. long walks. working on school stuff and planning. Getting ready for mom and dad's 50th celebration,... the pears are almost ready to pick and create with. Yummmmmmmmm.


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