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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Introduced Squishy to a mastiff yesterday...
and a Yorkie and an 8 month old baby. It was alot of fun.
(Note to Self-I like you. Let's do it more often.)
And so was the long drive up Beaver Valley Road on the Peninsula to Port Hadlock and the pearly, rolling quality of the soundwaters on the morning ferry ride.
Taking time just for an "adventure" with my dog and me.
To visit friends.
Gave me more time to think...which can be added to that list of summer abundances--when you get into that settled, comfortable place, with a good, hot cup of coffee, just the right music (Soundings of the Planet:Tapestry of the Soul), a resigned, sort of settled in puppy, and a long familiar drive with several rest stops next to beach and evergreens, life doesn't get a whole lot better than that. Even if you have had no sleep, it can still be just perfect. And the brain activity amps up. The trouble is that I haven't yet accessed a way to record these thoughts as they come while I am driving (Squishy doesn't take dictation) ----so I figure that if they are meant to be remembered, then that will happen or something will trigger them later in context or with purpose.
I like to watch the people, kids, families, lovers, solo beachgoers next to the ferry dock. Anywhere actually except in the Ballard Market parking lot because people will run you over accidentally if you stop to gawk. I like to wonder about their stories. I wonder what number they are on the enneagram and if it even matters. I wonder if they like to get sand in their shoes or if that is something that just irritates the heck out of them but is the price they pay for a summer's morning at the beach. I wonder if they are aware that someone is noticing them. (NOT stalking just noticing-there is a BIG difference) I wonder how this special time at the beach will impact their day and their interactions with others. It has already impacted mine. It reminds me of the necessity to spend time in places that are fun, that fill the moment with glee and a pocket full of freeedom. It hooks me back to summer days spent at Golden Gardens with my family of origin and the playing and picnicking. And then getting all of the sand out of your shoes before you got in the car. (note to self-my kid will not run around at Golden Gardens barefoot. I have seen what they find and clean up off of that beach on too many morning walks now...I wonder if it was like that when I was a kid. I was so out of it, I can't remember.)
In the Sarah ban Abundance book, she shares during this month the values of Creativity and Authenticity. She also reminds her readers that remembering and reconnecting with memories of summer abundance and savoring opportunities for reflection, right along with creating some of your own summer abundances in the succulent Now, can go a LONG way to flavoring the days to come, the thinking to come, and the living to come. Sounds like a story that I would want to spy on.


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