Mississippi Moments

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fire Circle, with harps and dulcimers, whistles and drums, poetry, panpipes, stories in the ancient Welsh tongue, and a Virigina doo-wap section topped off with vegan brownies and enthusiastic dancers--Life doesn't get any better than this.
6 hours of ferry wait and ride made it all the more special.
Glad I made the effort with Little Man.

Spent today still in a quiet, inward space--not much energy, not wanting to put energy out there with people. Last night was perfect and then it was time to come home and rest.
We napped.
I read.
We planted autumn carrots and prepared the ground for pole beans.
We lopped off the branches of some errant bamboo and began to clear and prepare some ground for echinacea.
The pears are falling. Open invitation to anyone who wants fresh pears. The ladder is in the garage. Help yourself or come over and we will gather together with a glass of wine and good poireraderie.


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