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Saturday, August 25, 2007

A soft grey day. A quiet day.
Last evening's family liturgy was so special. Everyone (almost all) there, together, praying, loving, celebrating, honoring.
Matt and Mark and Kieren (on drum) leading us in music that moved our hearts and feet.
Father Basso, such a funny, deep, powerful, loving man-priest. So much respect for my parents and vice versa.
Joey, Ashley Grace and Emily reading from their hearts...Jacob, Rowan and Kellen bringing up the gifts, including the rosary that Mom carried on her wedding day. Mary J being Eucharistic minister and Colleen singing, filling the chapel with her voice and love and it carried us away as if on angel's wings. We were momentarily stunned. The time together was such a gift.
And then it was off to the pub fo rdinner and family time. It seemed to have been the correct fit for our family. Enough room, plenty of tables, tablecloths for drawing on, couches, soft lighting, we could make allthe noise we wanted to...and the Mariners' game on at the end, close enough for a few to watch and enjoy in between conversations. All in all, a special night.

..And as I was reading in this beautiful book, The Circle of Life: Heart's Journey Through the Seasons, I came across part of a prayer by Macrina Wiederkehr that I want to put in today's entry---it just spoke to my heart.
" as the day grows I, too, grow, lighthearted, attentive, free, patient, grateful, wise.
Healed of indifference, I fall in love once more.
There is something about embracing the day
with the intimacy of a lover
that makes one well again.
Only one thing is necessary,
a heart with a single eye.
My desire for spiritual healing must be fierce. I must decide to breathe myself alive in any kind of weather.
The tools are given and I decide."---from "Getting Up on a Summer Morning"

So, it's high-ho, high- ho off to work..with this song in my Heart--(From last night) Yes, Lord, Yes, Lord, Yes, Yes, Lord,
Yes, Lord, Yes, Lord, Yes, Yes, Lord, Yes, Lord, Yes, Lord, Yes, Yes, Lord, AMEN!


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