Mississippi Moments

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Nirvana by the Beach...and had to have the RV towed today.
Still Nirvana.
The stars in the sky.
The long sleeps.
The early morning walks as the sky-paintings, feather-brushed with slow gold and ermine splashes of rose, sang the stars to bed. And following deer tracks on the beach to where they were licking newly uncovered rocks slick with the salt from the low tide. And the calls of eagles, grey herons, the sloop-whoop-splash of playing seals, the light kisses of salty aired breezes...
Long walks in the quiet woods, near abandoned fort buildings and hideouts, garrisoned now with chipmunks, flickers, and the requisite cadre of swallows.
And the campfires. I even cooked eggs, toast, and heated wash water on ours-another dream come true!
And the sleeps-10 hours, 11 hours, 3 hour nap-all good and right and perfect.
And the food. All comfort. At the perfect times. And lots of it.
The faith sharing and prayer, the studying, the watching families and dogs and folks walk by.
And then learning that I couldn't put the RV into 1st, 2nd, then 3rd. Managed to get to Port Hadlock and had to have it towed.
Nice semi-driver just back towing for AAA, Bryan by name. Mangled fingernails. Taught me a new word-two actually-"thrown clutch". Luckily, Mary J was there with Grey Heron to make the rest of the day simply abundant with a lovely ride home, a premier spot on the ferry with a lively breeze, the Mountain-Sisters out singing in the beautiful clear afternoon and no traffic to speak of on the way home. Squishy was a trooper. In fact he slept most of the way home.
Will findout tomorrow what to do about Peregrin.
Now it's time for a cup of hot cocoa, some lesson planning, and more quiet Christmas music.
Fort Flagler. If you haven't been there, you should go. There is space and room to be, breathe, play, laugh, walk, grieve, dream, explore, sleep..and track deer if you so choose.


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