Mississippi Moments

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Anne Morrow Lindbergh wrote:
"If you let yourself be absorbed completely,
if you surrender completely to the moments as they pass, you live more richly those moments."

Sounds to me like this could mean slowly easing yourself into a hot bubblebath or finding yourself up to your armpits in cosmic muck and still whistling "Dixie"...or you could be facing an eager batch of 6 year old faces who have all "heard things" and who make comments to one another sotto voci-"Yeah, she's funny alright" or " Do ya think we're gonna have to do the dancing today?" or even better (to my face), " They told us you like to get wet." (morning recess in the rain)...it was a time for sizing one another up....and there will be more of that tomorrow. And I have a sore throat and the aches and a headache. Cold sores on the outside and canker sores on the inside. And I keep telling myself everything is "fine". And I believe this. I just don't know anything except that I am happy and part of me is rebelling. And pacing. And nervous. And surrendering. At least I am not sending out for pickles or ice cream. It's more Grandma Surridge tea and organic, vegetarian ravioli and Belgian cheese.

I threw out some more stuff this morning and last night. Time to fill that recycling bin again. Also managed to stop the leaky faucet on the outside of the house at least for now.

So tomorrow could be a day.

Point No Point was restful for me. I wish I could say I feel guilty about not helping out with the chores. But I don't. I did miss face time with Colleen, Julie and Rusty. I enjoyed all the rest of it.

I just received a call. The reason for my cold sores and the like just evaporated. For the time being. I wil be studying dry rot of the APA writing styles for doctoral publications and the Foundations of What Everybody Thinks Will Fix Education. And I will live and wait. And clean up more stuff and pay off my credit cards, my parents and my trip. Another way to focus. My ship will come in someday..................someday.


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