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Sunday, September 16, 2007

I read today's earlier entry and I say "aaauuuugh"!
I need to get a life because I think way too much.
Then I think to myself-"Good on ya, EMR, for taking a risk and reaching out to Dr. Nancy."
And today was quiet all day.
I cut up my credit card.
I baked bread.
I made soup.
I made a pasta marinara dish.
I watched/snoozed/worked through two movies-"Emma" and "French Kiss".
I gave Squishy a bath.
We played Sheltie ball inside the house and outside.
I did lesson plans at school.
And I thought a lot about what my therapist said about creating space and holding space. I forget exactly how she put it but the concept was spot-on. Instead of rushing around and taking class this and fulfilling goal that, how about just get quiet. And stay that way.
It worked for Jesus' mother. Why not me? Or you?


  • At 9:54 PM, Anonymous coli said…

    i read your post from earlier today and loved all of the detail that was implied yesterday on our walk, but some left unspoken. i am excited that you reached out to her too.

    railed against the quiet today as it wasn't particularly quiet. a worthy struggle. the holding space part. holding self.

    thank you and i love you.


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