Mississippi Moments

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A couple of observations-
* Boys like to jump on the beds, burp, eat dirt and play soccer in house-I don't care how many legs they have. It's fun and I love it. More on Saturday mornings when we don't have stuff we're committed to than on Thursdays,say, at 6 am. :)
*I love going through old journals and checking off the things I wanted to come true or to fruition and now they have. NOt from chance but from attention, intention, trust, and action - of doing or letting go so it can manifest. I mean check out the sunflowers brightening the garden around here! Wow!
*Had two more of those Dream-Dreams the past couple of nights-all about taking care of Self and Beloveds and not letting distractions or other crap get in the way. I just hate when one of my exes shows up as one of the main characters. I need to relanguage what they mean when I decide to watch "Sleepless in Seattle". It cracks me up but I always wake up feeling lonely and I don't like it and it isn't the Truth for me. I like being partner-free for now. It's the healthiest thing for me. Maybe for the rest of my natural life.
*I plan to spend the day living it and not writing about it. So enjoy. We are.


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