Mississippi Moments

Monday, October 15, 2007

Life is pretty amazing when your dog gets to go on field trips to the Sammamish plateau and you get home about the same time. We had quite a "Field" trip this past weekend.
Off to Will and Little Feather's for nothing less than paradise. The cats didn't exactly think so, but they were over it as of 5:30 this morning.
It started with the seamless drive down. Mary J picked Cedar up from dogcare and met me where I was finished with giving a workshop on Sacred Time and Sacred Space. It was fairly well received. So I think. Some people just are never open to what SPirit is bringing to them and to their Hearts.
Good sleeps. Quiet talk. Long walks. Dancing to Afro-Celt and Rumi-esque music. Making pies with fruit fresh from the orchard. Eating pies. And all manner of other simple and beautifully prepared with love foods. More wine. Less than a teacup full all weekend but that was all that was needed. Mushrooming in the second growth woods under hemlock and cedar and doug fir. Finding bones and skeleton bones of a deer under the deep duff near a tree. Carried parts to bring home including most of a mandible complete with teeth, but it indicated it didn't want to come yet. Long, long sleeps. Good talks with good coffee. Prayer. Dreams. Laughter. Some tears. A seamless drive home. Some work in the yard. Hauling firewood for warm house this week. It's working right now.
Early bed. Early up. To work. Long day. Time for more bed.


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