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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It was a 13 hour day and Squishy and I are home, safe and warm. Cup of tea, candles lit, Christmas music, and a little heat. All good. The darkness is hitting me, surrounding me, not scaring me, but reminding me that we are entering the Womb-time. Time is flying by these days...and nights. Ok. I have a new obsession/hobby--Katharine Hepburn movies. Last night was "Desk Set" with guess whom? That Spencer guy.:)
My best thoughts for writing are in the morning, but I've been sleeping in still-until 6am and then it's really time to rock and roll. Then in the evenings, I am mush, toast, kaput. Ok then. So be it. Squishy was in doggy detention today when I picked him up. Apparently, the Squishter and the Davester "forgot" to be good citizens and knocked the Scottish tutu right off of everloving Lydia in pursuit of a toy and with the walking pneumonia she has, she was not amused. Needless to day, when they ran outside in the face of her ire, that made it worse. So they were both in lock-up. Queen Alice got all the scritches when I came to the door.
Windstorm tomorrow night. Wonder if that is just the media getting out and brushing off all of their Storm 2007" paraphenalia. We shall see. Don't know if we are ready. Think so.
The colors are lovely when I notice. Woodsmoke scents the dark. Clean laundry, friends and family to call and to write, veggie hotdogs, good work, and knowing when to tone it down and when I don't, forgiving myself and looking forward to the chance to try again...I am glad I am forgiven. I'm glad I am learning how. And doing it.
Bonfire this Friday at Shilshole. Will load up the old Subaru with at least half of what is clogging up the garage. Whoo-hoooo!
Wonder what will unfold this year? Last year, it was the stars Cygnet and Lyra and a high electrician with a very lovely, drunk, and shy Ukranian wife. I'm bringing my drum and some hot cider unless it rains, and then it's just the cider.


  • At 1:54 AM, Anonymous coli said…

    Bringing Up Baby is possibly one of my all time favorite Katherine Hepburn films. It is just plain hard to keep up with her in that film and I love it. It's a good laugh if one can catch it all.

    Pleasant coccooning to you. I am in full battle against it. You'd think I'd have learned the futility of that by number 31.
    Ah well. C'est la vie.


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