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Monday, October 29, 2007

This is the Jericho sycamore tree. Supposedly....and
2 square happens!
And school recess now has a new fad as folks learn how to do backstop, uppsies, and call-out.
I relanguaged the names for the squares--I can't remember what the kids in Jonestown call them but they are moderately vile-we are using court terminology here-king, queen, knight, jester.
They are not ready for 4-square but tomorrow will be. I am also teaching pickle, horse, around the world, and run laps if you can't think of anything to do and you are annoying me with your whining.
It sucks to have no breaks. But it doesn't suck to have the wedgiites coming in after recess with grins on their faces saying-'Ms. R, that was FUN!" They also did community service today by writing a note to get our ball basket filled up again, they relabelled our ball basket and our lunch bucket AND they put on gloves and threw woodchips back into the enclosure-not to mention the three laps they ran at each recess for me just to get the juices flowing. All in all a turn around from wearing our undies up our crotch and calling it good.
Squishy will eat anything if it has homemade soup on it.
Dog shit is still dog shit and it's not so good when you step in it, can't find it, smell it, then lose track of what you were meaning to do, get on with your life and then find it when you come home from school before you are heading back out to go to a class you don't really want anyway.
But the rice is good. My sandwich is already made for tomorrow. My slumgullion tastes fine with ranch dressing mixed in and I had just enough merlot, mulling spices, and cider to make a lovely cup of something harvest-like to enjoy before I have to leave again.
I also managed to make a web on above our heads covering the majority of the room. The kids will enjoy that tomorrow. Boy, am I out of practice at web-building. Grandmother Spider would not be impressed-holes, lags, uneven spots. I asked for help. Managed to find a rhythm and tomorrow will hope the children will know what to do to make it work better. Also built a sycamore tree for our Zaccheus play tomorrow. Outfitted the cast today, too. Amazing how putting old tablecloths on people will change the afternoon into something special. I'm planning to wear a dishtowel on my bead starting at 4;30 am to see if that helps me transform. Love to all.


  • At 10:31 AM, Anonymous coli said…

    you are like Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle and the Undies Pullers.

    your story had Mark and me crying with laughter in our hotel room in Ocean Shores. hilarious.


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