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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

RuePaul on Feis Crack...or is it CRAIC?!?
Rogha (say RAU-uh) is Irish for "choice" or "the best".
I believe I will put the two together.
Still sick I am. But it is now fair to middling.
Would like to run away on a ferryboat today and keep on running for a wee bit until I stop for a cup of tea.
Until then, a cup of tea, in bed, with dog and stacks of math papers to correct will do.

Read through and added some to my Gratitude Journal. Note to Self. Keep writing in it. Been at it since 2001. Better in some ways than a photo album.

I just accepted a gig to call a ceilidh for the Sakura-Con which is in April. They are having a Celtic-themed bash this year. Himself, Hans Araki, and friends will be the featured musical guest. I am to get the costumed Anime folks up dancing but not to be boring because apparently this is not good when they get restless.
Thanks to the folks who passed on the opportunity. I am grateful.
I am now beginning to access my idea of a Celtic-Jedi-Warrior-Princess-Thing. Definitely will have to check out the wigs, hair glue, sock tan, and bedazzling supplies at the upcoming feis to create this costume. I intend to be Rue Paul on Feis Crack.


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