Mississippi Moments

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sometimes I just love the rain. And the quiet of the mornings. And the cold. And the warmth of the coffee in the cup you are holding in the mist and the rain. And the reflection of lights on other dark windows. And candles in the windows. And the natural soundtrack that unfolds in my mind as I walk. And understanding my dog. And understanding myself. There's a lot of love in all of this.

While at the same time, I don't love the pain, disharmony, violence, and cosmic crap that is going down in Gaza and Somalia and...fill in the blank.

My friend, Will, is practicing how to be IN THE MOMENT. Without judgement. Just Being.
That messes with how I have learned to Love and notice what and whom I love. And he smiles at me and looks at me with these eyes and says, "You are Being Love."

So that's what this feels like, looks like, tastes like, smells like, sounds like, resonates like......

There was a lot of Love in the collection of "objets d'art" at the SAM yesterday. "The Gift" from the Coast Salish people. And I confess that I went in there with my "other eyes" as well. That place was ALIVE with energy and story and relationship and connection and POWER. Ohhhh..... And learning. And challenge....It is not possible to interact with such as that and not be changed. To have read Emily Carr's story also helped to give it context. To have spent so many weeks up on the Quinault River and on the Humptulips and down at North River and at Ozette and out near Ruby Beach and walking about these forests and mountains and rivers and ocean of our Home and add to that the trip to the Yukon and up through to Alaska...I "got" It. And there it was in downtown Seattle for all of us. We are so removed (only if we choose to be).

The rest of this weekend I have spent sleeping. And doing the Annie LaMott thing-"What do you WANT to eat?" Popcorn. Ramen. Coffee. Okay then.

I get a new stove today. Smaller. One that works. And will fit in the kitchen better. The old one just died. It was a good stove.

Winter. It's here.
And I am not removed. Just sleepy.


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