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Sunday, January 04, 2009

I just took a break from lesson planning to walk my dog in the snow once again!
This IS GREAT! Who knows what will come tomorrow, but this winter wonderland thing and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow thing are doing wondrous things for my spirit and sense of frolic in the "wintry now".

It is quiet. And clean smelling (except when you walk by the folks who are making textury Greek or Mediterranean delicacies for dinner this eve--and then it's just amazing-"makes-me-want-to-watch-a-cooking-channel" smelling). Back to the cozy woodfire, cup of tea and figuring out interesting ways to teach silent letters to a bunch of people who have been playing in the snow, sleeping in until mid-morning and being entertained by every electronic whatsit that isn't in the Heartsong catalogue. Which is exactly why I have the Ancient Writing Travel Kit from the Burke Museum in my living room at this precise moment. I'll hook'em, I will.

Made another big load to Goodwill today. Whew. A bit hard.
Did some pruning of a dead-looking akebia, too, until I couldn't feel my fingers anymore. And watched Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas (thanks, Val). My kind of holiday story today. Last night's book group movie selection was definitely not Disney. Or was it? Hard to tell.

So back to work. And back to watching the snow fall.


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