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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I still can't get my bathtub as clean as Lydia can, and there is something to be said for "best effort" and "good enough". I also am in the process of getting everything in my basement up off the floor--I remember a little storm a few years back that resembled what is happening outside right now. Snow piled up. And then came the rains. And the flooding. I live right over an underground stream and since everything in my life speaks of abundance, I have no reason to believe that this won't also. Cedar is busy tearing up paper bags (we need more firestarter--see, he earns his keep:)) and being confused as to why I am on my knees over the tub playing with vinegar and baking soda.
I am all about the feelings today--totally in 4-land (Mary J. will appreciate this blogging today and I bet she is chuckling as she pets that beautiful Christmas Kitty who adopted her on this very special day). I looked up at one point while scrubbing the floor and was eye to eye with Cedar who brought "his" toy in hopes I would play with him and I was also eye to eye with a special photo of Fiona and Sadie and me in the snow and that "toy" belonged to both of them as well. (Yes, we recycle just about everything around Fair Isle--can't say no to what is useful and beautiful and still full of good play). Which brings me back to a couple of other Gifts that have shown up today--20! winter robins in the crabapple trees picking at the red berries! And the makings of apple pie. And I will try to upload some snow photos.

It is sooo good to BE HOME. To a 4, this is Everything!


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