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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

This one is for Me:

You shall be free indeed
when your days are not
without a care nor your nights
without a want and a grief,
but rather when these things
girdle your life and
yet you rise about them
naked and unbound.---Kahlil Gibran

Maybe you want to get "whoo-whoo" with me and the world and we can be our wild, succulent selves in love, courage, power, healing, steadfastness, and zippety-doo-dah.

This past week and and a half has been "a wonderful life"...not without wrinkles, tears, dog-do's and don'ts, and a sleepless night or two...and wonderful still.
Last night, I did one of those-get off the pot and do it--things I've been meaning to do for years. I went to the Garden D'Lites over at the Bellevue Botannical Gardens to enjoy Christmas lights and classical Christmas music. So glad I did. I can't wait to experience the gardens in daylight and without the lights. It was festive and fun and lots of families running around. The paths curve and those folks have spent a lot of time putting together all the displays. It is free. You can park at the park next door and parking over there is free too. If not, $5 to park in the garden parking lot. Wide gravelly paths, a restored cabin, water features, terracing, native and other plants and a sort of tropical theme going this year. Never really thought of lighted parrots in the evergreens but maybe Val has....I wonder if Ripley, her African Grey, can say Merry Christmas in any language or several...and then burp.

Yuletide has been going swimmingly from my perspective. No blips on my end.(There are for others but blip-free is my lot.) Lots of laughter and all that goes into it. Tons of family and friends. A bit of nerves. A bit of bittersweet. The audiences this year seem to be coming to rest, to be swaddled, to be given a cup of sweet, warm joy and buoyed with "magic". And so it is.

Lydia made me cry (tears of laughter) yesterday. I will share why when I check email later.

Elf Day went off with jingles and tingles and delight. Simple. Perfect. I'm getting used to this. Simple and perfect thing.

Thinking about getting a Christmas tree up. In the cottage. For the first time since all the passings and changes. Perhaps today?

Another Gift of a Day to join the Cosmic "YES"!!! (That's what yesterday was, by the way. Catholics call it "Feast of the Immaculate Conception"---Mary said YES and lived YES. Oh, my, and She's Our Mother, too. That's LOVE.)


  • At 3:17 PM, Blogger booklady3 said…

    Well E - I hate to tell you this, but the only language that Ripley can say "Merry Christmas" in, is cat. But he does have the burp part down!


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