Mississippi Moments

Friday, December 05, 2008

Some days, it's just a quiet sit
with the stars that brings you back into your body,
quiets your mind,
and holds your hand...
and allows you to hear, "Good Morning, Beloved. I'm Here. Still."

**off to work. Okay with the questions. Living them as Rilke says. SO much that I have the kind of headache that makes me dizzy and nauseous. I am SO thankful for this spirit-shell that doesn't allow for dualism and lies from Me anymore. Own it, Sister.
Long walk with Cedar, a cup of good coffee in my camping cup, camping in my living room this week, candlelight, plain black pants and matching snow socks, Andy Williams and Barbra Streisand, therapy and golden dogs, teaching dance, hot water, cold water, headache drugs, sisters that are safe driving across the pass, accessing the people who collect things like paper bags and frosting tubs (thank you Mom and Mary J. for helping us be good stewards and reuse things for book reports and elf math and all that good stuff), and saying No to crap and Untruth and What is NOT REAL and saying YES to stars, and happy dog eyes, and tears for those fur-darlings that are not here but hear-t...and that Still, Quiet Whisper that is bigger than the long, night sky.


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