Mississippi Moments

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Creator, I speak to YOU
from within my Soul and within my Body,
asking that I may be an instrument of peace.
May others join together to honor Mother Earth.....
Creator, shine through us as we join in Your Spirit.
Help us remember, one by one, that we are created of Mother Earth,
and powered by Your Spirit.
In this remembering, our separation will end and
we will unite in Spirit to restore and care for Our Earth Mother, all Her life forms,
and for Ourselves.------H. Silver Fox Mette

SO much for whom and for which to be grateful...and grace-filled.
And in my particular order which is more of a Circle of Love and Gratitude:
All my Beloveds
white berries on shrubs with familiar leaves but which I can't name right now
minds that are happy
minds that are focused
minds that are muddled that can become unmuddled by good self-care
walks with dogs
walks with friends
walks with talks and dogs and friends
walks in mist
walks in rain
walks in sparkle predawn mornings under crescent moons
living in a spirit of hope
believing this
intentioning this
attending to this
being this
laughing at whatever
laughing at everything
laughing and crying about inanity (not insanity)
forgetting to laugh and then remembering
indoor plumbing
hot water
outdoor plumbing
picking up the outdoor plumbed and being thankful for the food that made it, the work that bought it, the healthy body that used it and the funny dog who is my friend
the feelings and connections for my spirit dogs--boy do I miss them today--so much
they are not missing me because from their perspective we are not apart
and that makes me laugh!
paying attention to energy-what is available and what isn't and RESPECTING that
this is part of the new and improved moi
taking the time it takes to do things and not rushing or pushing those limits--that's more of this Respect-thing
taking myself to bed when that is the only thing that will restore energy
going back to bed when I need more of it
knowing that storebought pie crust isn't going to kill the Thanksgiving feast
good coffee
and on some days, just cofee
tea--working on savoring the organic green tea thing
knowing I can change and have and will and am full of this
knowing that I don't change in some Core Spots
learning to forgive myself for my failings and lacks
learning not to beat myself up for not being perfect
learning to say certain words more and laugh when I become aware of my general lack or insensitivity or neglect or brusqueness or stupidity
learning not to be impatient when I can't do things readily
learning not to fear
learning to fear and be okay because in the end run, fear is a friend...gads-did I just type that?

live your Life, your Worthy, Spirit-abundant Life--I'm living Mine. And if you are reading this, I Love you and Yours


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