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Friday, November 14, 2008

Accreditation Site Visit is almost over! Half day to go and two days down. The students in secondgradeland have risen to some occasion of their own, on their own. It has been one of the most enjoyable "teaching" weeks I've enjoyed this week because of them. They "woke" up. They are uber-engaged, uber-pliable, curious, cooperative, funny, responsive...maybe it's because something happened inside of me. Maybe both?

Beautiful full moon last night.

The Diva's boots are lovely. And just the right fit. And that girl is going to trouver du fromage d'or et du vin en France a Paris la semaine prochaine.:) Ooh, lala!

Had some interesting things jump out at me about how grace fills in the "holes". Learned some more stuff about piable boundaries and how boundaries are boundaries no matter how they hold. SOrt of like dikes and sandbags. They have a specific job to do. Would like to have more listening conversations with trusted ones about how there is no "safe" and how it is to be okay in this world with that.

Haven't heard anything from the adoption folks.
Me, I am looking into finding a reproductive specialist. Might be time to find a different path to family.

I am also in need of a new water heater. That search goes. Furnace gets serviced on Saturday. All the ducks in some kind of a row...just because. And it's Friday! Time for a long walk with my dog after work. I met a young sable smooth collie yesterday---Her name----Caledonia!!


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