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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Been doin' a lot of thinking lately...would like to share some of that here today.
First of all, old 'traditions" can be life-giving if they are chosen and not just "done" because that's what's always been done...Mary J. and I went to Mass this morning and then out to Ballard Blossom shop for their annual Christmas Open House. Santa was there, of course. So were all kinds of theme trees and coffee and cookies and treats. Free calendars and roses. Nice people trying to sell you over-priced stuff and Bing on the store CD player. When I got the email reminder, I just knew I wanted to go. It was something that I enjoyed doing before with whomever would go...and when I listened, I found out that I still liked going. And we did.

And I've been holding space (and porcelain throne time)around the first almost-migraine in a lonngg time. Last one was before the second surgery. Pretty good! This one hit on late Thursday. And got bad on Saturday. And I managed to figure out why it was here and what I was gong to do about it. There is something precious and to be grateful for when your body is such a sensitive barometer of incongruity. Mine does NOT give me the opportunity to stand in Denial for even a heartbeat. I literally get slammed in the head--like in the church parking lot today when I slammed the door on my head. Only good thing about that one was that no one was around, my hair did not get caught, and it only left a little mark. I really shouldn't be driving yet.

The ceilidh that I called last night had some sparkly moments. First off, Val and I got some serious girl-time in the car to and fro. Next, there were some sweet people there. It was a benefit for St. Vincent de Paul and it was at Holy Innocents. The pr is not being done for these as in the past and there weren't too many folks-maybe 30 or 40. A couple of really nice families, some older folks to listen to the music and various other participants. My favorite was a 2 year old named Matthew. And he liked me and he wanted to dance. In his little yellow crocodile wellies. With a big grin on his face and occasionally something I did or said would make him laugh and it would send up this reverb and the whole place would giggle with him. The walls, too! There was a cancer-fighther there. She came with her friend. I invited her to dance with me for a soft version of the Seige of Ennis. And she did. Before she left, Val gave her this beautiful green-hued silk scarf that she had been admiring. I didn't recognize the "Chemo-cut" as Val put it, but she knew it. Makes me happy that this lady came out with her friend to enjoy the music and dancing.

Been thinking a lot on this Law of Attraction and choosing my thoughts with care and intention. And the "thang" is that I am getting immediate feedback on the ones that matter the most to me. Another couple of examples--I wondered what the doctors were saying about my health situation to WACAP and I got a copy of one of the reports and they are saying that I am in as glowing of health as I am saying and being at this time. I also wondered about some crap that is going down at work with some parent perceptions about how I do things and interact with the children and I asked for some feedback I could trust...and I got it on Friday. And I got it again yesterday.

And Fletcher and I are starting to make some plans. And it feels right. And we are still holding this "just for today" thing--and will for a year and a day like the Celts did. And we are still making plans. The "thang" is that most of our plans are already in place, already happening, already contributing to the bliss.

I have some hope with Obama's election. I am floored by the response from the "black community"...I watched "Selma, Lord, Selma" on Friday when I was waiting for drugs to kick in. I never knew all that much about Bloody Sunday and the Edmund Pettis Bridge marchers/violence/incident and what happened after and the Civil Rights Act. Made things more clear in relation to what is happening now around the election of Barak Obama. We shall see.

And it seems like everything that is coming out of Christina Applegate's mouth recently is exactly what is coming out of the mouth of my Heart. To a verb.

And what about those monks fighting in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. WhatdayahthinkJesuswould say about THAT?!?!!

Time for a walk around Greenlake before it starts to pour again. I am still in a place where I shouldn't split wood or use pruning tools. So I will walk and think and enjoy the beauty of this November Sunday. And listen to Christmas carols when I get home and have a cup of tea in front of the fire.


  • At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm fighting the same head thing except mine is coming from my teeth. I've been thinking about you a lot lately. Need some sista time. Soon, I hope. xoxox, maude

  • At 6:39 PM, Blogger MihErn said…

    Oh, oh, I get it! I hope it isn't too awful...looking forward to some time with you!

  • At 6:39 PM, Blogger MihErn said…

    Oh, oh, I get it! I hope it isn't too awful...looking forward to some time with you!


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