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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm convinced that when we ask, God gives us the eyes to see things the way God does...with love and pure joy. It happened over and over again today. Mostly at recess. We had an extra one because the teacher forgot to go to lunch yesterday (uh, yeah, that was me) and so we had to eat our lunches in our room and miss recess because art was right after. Today worked out well because we got to play with the older and younger kids that we never see at our regular times. So my plan is to do more of the same. It put smiles on all our faces!

It has been a full moon week. Guess which kind of music I am playing? Yup, you guessed it. Jim Brickman Holiday on pandora. Love that.

Working hard doesn't begin to describe what it going on around here. But we'll take that. There is a lot of living goin' on, too.

We went down to the Field this weekend to bury the remains of Amore. It was a sweet time with Will and Little Feather. we had one minor situation when Squish and I went to play Sheltie ball in the lower garden and we surprised three young deer that were in there. They aren't supposed to be in there and Cedar chased them. Rather, you know how deer go BLING___BLING__BLING when they are moving fast. So does my dog in the tall grass of the lower garden. So picture this--three deer-BLING_BLING_BLING--Cedar after deer-BLING_BLING_BLING-cannot decide which one to chase...so we let our inner Sheltie kick in and try to Bling them into a small, tight group. This does not work for the deer and they start crashing into the deer netting fencing that encircles that garden. I got Cedar to come to me and we sat and watched the deer calm down and find the holes in the fence and slip under and out. Then we went and told L.F. that the deer were into what was left of her summer squash, broccoli, and leeks or whatever.
Cedar and I had a rousing game of Sheltie ball that morning. That wasn't the only one he had either. He automatically heads down for the lower garden as soon as we arrive at the Field.

Magical Strings performed at Astoria, Oregon this past Saturday. Brigie and I went down to dance with them. The concert was at a sweet local community college venue in an historic building on the hillside overlooking the mighty Columbia. We learned what it takes to be independent and responsible for our own counting, timing, and black tights. We also enjoyed Matt J on percussion. Let's just say it was not the best show. Perhaps it was the worst. But I had fun and did my best. The dancing wasn't bad, it wasn't great, it met a quality standard. Except when Brigie fell down. That sucked for her and there were some music snafus that the musicians forgot to inform us about....and only about 30 people in the audience but oh well. We had fun. And then we went and stayed in Long Beach. I hadn't realized it was so close to Astoria. I really love that part of the world down there--all the sloughs, and the smells of the sea and sand, the colors of the leaves and the herons in the mudflats.This was more on the Willapa side of things. It was a perfect drive home and there was time for more napping, some work, some splitting and stacking of wood. A restorative weekend.

I have been waking up down every morning for the last few weeks. Down. Sometimes with a headache. I do what needs to be done--water, breath, prayer, thanksgiving, movement, caffeine, and headache med.And then I get on with my day. I am getting one thing at a time checked off these lists I have. Things are slowly getting done....and I don't really care. I seem to do best when I am just in the moment, doing what I am doing, and the rest can (as mon pere puts it) "just burn".


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