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Saturday, October 04, 2008

I just got back from doing something that I love. There are few things that are as satisfying as walking in the rain with your dog and a cup of coffee in a Pine Lake cup (oops, forgot to bring it back out there), in the early autumn when you are not awake yet and you know that you want to just walk and walk and walk....There are so many things that grab and delight you...the squirrels outnumber just about everything except starlings in their quests for nuts, berries, and taco time leftovers. The sweet scent of juniper tickles your nostrils and almost makes you sneeze while giving your brain a little wee "ooh, that was loverly" wiggle.The ginko trees stand tall in their "we're changing" finery--gold, bright yellow, sienna-edged change. The good mornings that come from all over the place--people nodding at you from windows over their first cup of something hot, flickers from the tops of cedars, other walkers and runners, the man throwing peanuts out his window for his local squirrels and same man who then threw out a few extra with an invitation to help ourselves if we liked, the rain-kissed and sometimes, rain-soaked wind that blew in from the southwest this morning catching my hood and hair, almost like it couldn't make up its mind what kind of mood it was in. Before, I used to let the wind move me out of my body and I would, in essence, join the whirl. Not anymore. It was a delight to feel my heels, heart, health grounded in Mother Earth and feel the wind tickle and whip 'round and to just feel its cleansing dance.

I found the Taoist Studies Center up near Phinney. I found a local yoga studio I am going to check out. I heard from one of my Star-Sisters about chi-gong. This came on my radar many years ago. Now it's back. I am paying attention to the impulse.

I learned that I cannot handle more than a half a glass of smoky chardonnay even with the best of company. That is another blessing of all this health stuff. You learn real fast what you can and cannot handle. It makes the wellness choices pretty easy. Not comfortable, just easy. I enjoyed a sweet, reconnection time with Turi last night. Overlooking the sound from the barstools at Anthony's, we enjoyed our conversation and catching up while seals blooped in and out of the grey mist and water, tug boats and fishing vessels paraded past,and a variety of local seabirds did their swoop and land, diddle and go moves. Everything was "aww-riiight"(use inner drawl and soften the ending final t,please). I have also learned that some dear ones reading this blog can't tell when I am being sarcastic and funny. I will try and fix that with supplementals as warranted.

Oh, and I forgot the big leafed maple leaves that are in any fall colors you want! We found some walking up on Billy Goats' Bluff p-patch and something that I think is dill-feathery, soft grey-green, snappy scent. I picked a strand and brought it home. It's similar to fennel but not as hearty. I also brought home 3 leaves--as big as placemats. I put them in a vase on the window sill. I love stuff like that.

Today is my uncle's funeral. Then dance practice with the Sistahs. Oh, I get to see my sisters today!!! Then book group. More Sisters!
I had the woodstove scheduled for maintenance today but then I found out the details about the funeral so I rescheduled. I hate waiting this long but oh well.

My last thought for today comes from the Sarah Ban Abundance book--I never have read the August section because I have always been in full blow drama-bullshit over things that really didn't matter and now I am clear about...anywho, I started reading yesterday morning and was struck by her entry on lessons...gentle lessons can teach us, too, and teach us well.

You may be saying to yourself--"uh, that was a no-brainer"...well, it wasn't to me until...yesterday. She goes on to write " If we are willing to learn our lessons gently, they patiently await us in countless ways. Today, try listening to the wisdom of children, accepting the loving kindness of a friend, reaching out to those in need, asking a colleague for advice, acting on your own intuition, laughing at your foibles and frailties and accepting them with love,observing how your pets live so contentedly in the present moment, rediscovering the surprising healing power of spontaneity, focusing on the good in any situation you are now encountering, expecting the best of everyday, and realizing what a wonderful life you are living---sooner rather than later."--Sara Ban Abundance, page for August 2nd.

Turi gave me one other Ah-ha last night. She mentioned the part where I had placed all my fears on paper and put them in my God-box...and that all my fears had manifested. Ouch. yeah. That has happened. Uh-ouch. Yeah.
Then she quietly, with laughing eyes and a gentle spirit asked me why I didn't do the opposite? Why hadn't I written down on pieces of paper everything that I DID WANT NOW and out them in the God-box......guess what I am going to do this evening with my Kenny G Christmas music playing in the background, a sweet little fire in the woodstove, some doggy lovins, and a cup of hot cocoa? I'll let you figure it out.


  • At 4:19 PM, Anonymous coli said…

    I know outward appearances rarely match inward sensibilities, but that SBB quote doesn't seem so far from how you live your life anyway. Which I believe is a great thing. And lovely to read some words to reinforce it.

    I think ginko leaves are the prettiest out there. I need to go collect some and frame them this year.

    love you from pdx.

  • At 5:17 PM, Blogger The Freewaydiva said…

    Love you! It was wonderful time spent. :)


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