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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Dumb but Good Thing About Curves...
Besides keeping you off anti-anxiety meds in the winter months (and hey, every month), hey have this little "Question of the Day" thing.. What do they call fear of Hallowe'en?......Samhainophobia! I am not kidding you! I knew it had to be that. And I knew how to say it. No one else won the prize...but (sarcastic tone now for you that might need the cues)--HOW ANGLO-BRIT-CENTRIC IS THAT???!!!I don't know who to call but maybe Oxford would be a start. That is just foolish. Afraid of the New Year. Afraid of the Veil. Afraid of your Self. Bah! HUMBUG!

Speaking of Fear, I had another one of "those dreams" last night. Which is significant considering I haven't had any dreams to remember for nearly a month. Last night, the boogie man DID catch me and mine. Usually, "it" doesn't. Last night, for the first time as those bony fingers were coming in the window (I was getting away in a red truck with the windows down), I turned and bit on those fingers and started whaling/wailing on them with a crowbar. "It" bit back on mine and I bit harder and broke some of its OFF MY DAMN RED TRUCK so we could get away. And I was driving....still am....whoo-whoooooooo.....


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