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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Chapter 89 million: I Heard God Laugh Yesterday
Yes, I did. And it made me laugh, too. It was in the perfect, undulating layers of clouds against clear, sweet blue like the layers upon layers of sand patterns at the beach when the ocean has receded. It happens at Point No Point at low tide. Only this time, God did it in the sky with Whisp-FIngers. I heard this "YESSSSSS"....then I heard the laugh again when the first graders came out to join the second graders who were out a little early because their teacher needed early recess again----in about three seconds there was an altercation over on the monkey bars (those damn monkey bars and rings). It was two of the regulars (complainer-whiner-sadsackers)...but then two more problems came up (and while I have this Yes, Yes, Yes reverbing in my ears and soul)and I am surrounded by these issue-people, I get this cosmic tap on my shoulder...literally, energetically (these are the same thing to me now)--and there is Mary J. across the playground by the church waving at me-huge smile--shoulders back--happy...and she shared that with me...and GOD LAUGHED AGAIN---and there was a YESSS! Back to the problems........Girl says," S0-and-so pulled my skirt down and showed my underwear and then my butt." Me: I'm sorry that happened to you..blah,blah..what do you think you want to do about this problem...blah, blah. She: Want you to help get him in trouble. (I appreciate honesty). Me: Let's solve the problem, not just get him in trouble. How does that sound to you?She: Ok, let's go. Me: So....You who cannot be named here, please come here. He: Yeah, I know why you're over here. ME: Why? He: I pulled her skirt down. Accidentally. Me(in the past would have interrupted with a snort but I have learned a few things over the past six months):Tell me more. He: Well, she was gonna fall off and I was trying to help her get back except she's a girl. Me: (Trying not to snort) Tell me more. (While watching all the other kids on the playground at the same time AND paying attention to this problem solving session--ask Mary J. if you would like more information about "recess duty" on and off button. It NEVER goes off!) He: Well, that's what we do when they're gonna fall (Imagine hanging upside down on the monkey bar rings and you are losing your grip on one hand). (He is absolutely telling the truth. We have had two broken wrists this year already due to those falls.)He: Well, she's a girl. I tried to grab her pants.....but, but...she's not wearing any! She's a girl! She:Oh. OH, that's okay then. C'mon. (Back to play on damn monkey bar rings with no-pants-present-pulling-boy)
sounds like crow-raugh and on the inside it feels like all your cells are bubbling with this Yes-joy like when you put a pan of water on to boil to make hardboiled eggs and it bubbles up while you were busy doing something else.

And then secondgradeland---the PE teacher (who is excellent, who is a newbie, who is doing his master's degree online this year, and who is nearly Brenin-style bald on purpose) asked the students of our class what he should do to be a more professional teacher---after careful thought, they all agreed---"Grow his hair out." (And God is chortling in the background.
So, after P.E., I asked the students the very same question and there were quiet and thinking. Then a few put their heads together while the rest were getting their drinks. When they all came back so we could finish up the alst two pages of Bunnicula before lunch, a spokeswoman for the class stepped forward and said, "We know, Ms. R.' Me: Ok, Bring it on. She: You could let go. (Did I hear right?) Me: Say what? She: You could let go. You know, let us be more loose about stuff. Me (looking around at all the other students who ARE listening and watching SpokesGirl): Do you all feel this way? They: Yes. (Nodding heads and agreeing.) *God is now guffawing behind me, in me, and all through the walls and hallway.*
Me: Oh...(very pregnant pause and I AM twinkling on the inside) Now how would that help ME be a more professional teacher? Class: (No resopnse but all looking at spokesgirl. SpokesGirl: Well, it wouldn't really, but we would have more fun...and you would, too. (My cells are dancing and bubbling with bizillions of little Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, joy, joy, joy, hee-hee-hees...no other way to describe it.)

Annnddd......I "bent" my energy rule a little bit yesterday and today. Cedar has been scratching a LOT. So I turned on the "flea channel". Found 7 yesterday. 5 last night and 5 more this morning. You know that song by the Chixie Dicks "Earl's gotta Die"...Well, around here, "Those fleas gotta die..."..
Gonna do report cards today. Fill out the financial papers for the homestudy update and tell them how much everything has tanked and I don't care about it because there is nothing to fear anyway and I am gonna walk the Reflexology Path at Bastyr in Kenmore. And Laugh some more with my Heavenly Abba!


  • At 10:44 AM, Blogger Colleen said…

    That, my darling big sister, was an excellent accompaniment to my first cup of post-jenn's-wedding coffee. Thank you for writing. Love you.

  • At 9:44 PM, Blogger MihErn said…

    Me glad.


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