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Sunday, November 09, 2008

And one other thing....
I listened to an interview with the composer, Richard Schumann (sp?) last night. One of his Cd's is entitled, " Camelot Reawakened". He composed a piece dedicated and named "To Those Who Emerge from the Center of the Labyrinth Bearing Their Gift". It was performed with the Asheville Symphony and the principal musician was a 12 year old uillean piper. The piece was mysteriously powerful and comforting at the same time. Schumann's comment about this piece and the inspiration behind it was also powerful and comforting. He says that trauma, loss, privation, and other upheavals call us to go inside, deep within. For him, the center of the labyrinth represents this "center, this core". And when we are there..and we listen...and we rest...and heal...and are restored and imbued with wisdom, we emerge...bringing a Gift for the World, for Ourselves...what Gift are you bringing from the Center of your labryrinth?


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